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Male and female masturbation: why we do it and how?

female masturbation

7 May is the international day of Masturbation. Most men and women do this, that is, engage in self-satisfaction. There are some similarities between male and female Masturbation, as well as differences. We will talk about them in the article.

Male and female masturbation

The word Masturbation refers to the process of stimulating your own genitals in order to bring yourself to orgasm. The word itself comes from two Latin words: manuc – “hand” and turbo – “move”. Thus, the main method of Masturbation is considered to be the stimulation of their genitals with the help of hands. Before the term “Masturbation” was introduced, the term “onanism” introduced by Sigmund Freud was used.

However, Freud also applied This term to young children who, after passing through a certain stage of puberty, begin to study their sexual organs, touch them that gives them pleasure. However, such a prank does not bring babies to orgasm, so a researcher in the field of sexology, Alfred Kinsey, introduced the term “Masturbation” as a designation of the act, the purpose of which is to get discharge and orgasm.

Attitudes to Masturbation and statistics among people who engage in self-gratification varied depending on the level of tolerance for this type of sexual gratification and for sex in General. In the 70s of the last century, with the development of the sexual revolution, there were more masturbating women than, say, in the 40s and 50s.

If in the 40-50s studies showed that more than 90% of men and no more than 60% of women resorted to Masturbation during their lifetime, then studies conducted already in the 70s of the XX century revealed that the number of masturbating women increased to about 80%. Until the 40s and 50s of the last century, statistical research in the field of sex was not conducted.

However, before the sexual revolution, at least until Freud proved that Masturbation was absolutely harmless to health and the psyche, and in many cases even useful, attitudes to self-gratification were mostly negative.

In General, Masturbation has similar functions for both men and women:

The process of knowing yourself, your body, and ways to get pleasure and orgasm Most often, Masturbation performs this function in adolescence, at the beginning of puberty. Research shows that girls start caressing their genitals earlier than boys, and at the beginning of puberty (at 11-12 years), the number of girls who resort to Masturbation is about five times higher than boys.

Around the age of 15, this figure is equalized, and then the number of boys who engage in Masturbation increases, and the number of girls fall. However, these studies are inaccurate and their data is already outdated. Recently, more and more women and girls are resorting to this method of obtaining pleasure.

Separately, I would like to mention the use of Masturbation as a method of cognition. Currently, sexologists recommend Masturbation to women who have difficulty getting an orgasm. Since male anorgasmia is much less common, then, in this case, Masturbation is a female way to solve the problem.

By exploring your body with various types of touch, women of all ages can increase their sensitivity, explore their own sensations, understand which areas of the body respond to touch, what gives more pleasure, and finally, how she can achieve orgasm. It is also important to include sexual fantasies in this process.

It is equally important when studying the reactions of your body during Masturbation, to practice these reactions in an intimate relationship with your partner, otherwise, Masturbation will remain the only way to get an orgasm.

Self-satisfaction with the purpose of discharge, obtaining pleasure. Both women and men have the right to their orgasms separately from each other. The only difference is (and probably still is) that men who masturbate are much more likely to watch porn or pictures in magazines. Women are more likely to resort to fantasies about a particular man, although men also fantasize about the women they want.

Curiously, both in Christian culture and in Buddhist or Hindu cultures, male Masturbation is considered undesirable. In Christianity, for a long time, wasting the seed was considered a sin. In Buddhism and Hinduism, there is no concept of sin as such, but it is believed that wasting the seed weakens the man. At the same time, the attitude towards female Masturbation in same China is generally positive.

Western sexologists warn men against excessive Masturbation when this method of satisfaction replaces normal sexual contact with a woman. Due to the fact that the friction force of hand stimulation is greater than the friction of the vagina, men who are used to satisfying themselves on their own will experience difficulty in obtaining an orgasm during normal sexual contact.

As for women, according to Freud, it will be more difficult for a woman to switch to a vaginal orgasm after clitoral Masturbation, and she will remain sexually immature. Freud believed that the Mature orgasm was only vaginal. But later, sexologists refuted Freud’s theories on this subject and “allowed” women to get pleasure in different ways, without worrying about how correct they were.

However, the habit of getting an orgasm by stimulating the clitoris can also play a bad joke with the weaker sex, if you do not learn to get an orgasm by stimulating the clitoris indirectly, and not directly. However, this point can be circumvented if you resort to direct stimulation of the clitoris during sex with a partner.

A way to diversify sexual relations in partnership. Masturbation can be a good way out for a couple who are separated. But even when a couple is together, watching a partner who is engaged in self-gratification, watching how the second partner does it, can bring a new note to sex life.

Interestingly, in society, the tolerance for female and male Masturbation is different, as well as for female and male homosexuality. Watch videos in which women masturbate, interesting for both women and men. Only a few women and a very small number of men are interested in watching videos with male Masturbation.

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