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Named the 5 most dangerous cheap products

Cheap sausages, sausages, semi-finished products, hard cheeses, canned fish, and sweets are among the five most dangerous products that cause the most dangerous diseases. Journalists of “Facts” on ICTV told than dangerous cheap products. 

Sausages and sausages 

You can not buy sausages and sausages for 40 or 60 hryvnias per kilogram, because processed meat products are poisonous carcinogens. And they, in turn, provoke cancer. And this is proved by the World Health Organization, experts say. “Most often provoke cancer of the large intestine, rectum, bladder, pancreas,” – said gastroenterologist Natalya Dyachenko. 

Semifinished products

In frozen dumplings, vareniki, pancakes, etc. contains trans fats, phosphates and other dangerous substances. Still – store these semi-finished products somehow, so you can get food poisoning. 

Hard cheeses 

Technologists say: at a low price, there can be only a cheese product, in which there is zero milk, but full of dangerous trans fats, or rather, ordinary margarine. Consumption of such pseudo-syringes can lead to heartburn, diseases of the cardiovascular system and not only. 

Canned fish 

First, cheap samples are dangerous because heavy metals from a can get into the fish itself. And, secondly, in no case can not buy promotional canned food, which ends the shelf life. These products can cause botulism – a deadly disease that is treated only in the hospital.

Cheap Sweets 

All cheap sweets using palm coconut oil instead of butter, artificial colors. Natural will be more expensive. “They cause hypertension, obesity of the liver, lead to cirrhosis of the liver, pancreas, obesity of the heart,” – adds Natalia Dyachenko. Experts advise buying expensive and high-quality products.

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