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Kate Middleton: how the most beautiful duchess grows thin

Kate Middleton

About 7 years ago, Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge and received the title of Her Royal Highness. The girl immediately established itself as a symbol of sophisticated style, grace, and beauty.

To date, Kate has already become a mother three times but still has a chiselled figure. What helps her stay in shape? Let’s look at the basic principles, duration, and the menu of the royal diet, developed for Keith Middleton by French nutritionist Pierre Durand.

Prepare for the wedding celebration and quickly lose weight after delivery, Kate helped meet the three principles of the diet:

1. Staged is the basis of effective weight loss. The beginning of the diet is characterized by a protein menu that activates fat burning. At the second stage, the diet involves alternating the vegetable and protein menu. In the third stage, add fruit to the menu. The final stage involves a varied diet, but with the fulfilment of certain conditions.

2. At least 1.5 litres of pure still water and 2-3 tbsp. spoonfuls of bran per day – mandatory conditions of the royal diet, which allow you to increase the rate of metabolic processes and remove accumulated harmful substances.

3. Sports training is another important condition for successful weight loss. However, they should not be heavy: do not pull dumbbells and barbells in the gym. It is better to give preference to dynamic yoga, cycling, etc.

Stages can last a different amount of time:

• The first stage takes 3 to 10 days, depending on how much weight you need to reset.
• The second stage takes time from two weeks to several months. It all depends on how much you lost in the previous stage. For example, if you throw off 6 kg of excess weight, the second phase will last 60 days, and if 9 kg, then 90 days.
• The duration of the third and fourth stages is calculated according to a similar principle.

The royal diet consists of several stages, each of which involves its own menu:

1.  At the first stage, you need to eat exclusively protein food – lean ham, turkey, chicken, eggs, rabbit meat, low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat varieties of fish. You can diversify the menu with lemons and pickled cucumbers.

2. The second stage of the diet involves alternating protein days with vegetable. Among vegetables, you need to choose small-starch (radish, eggplant, broccoli, etc.).

3.  In the third stage, to all of the above products, you need to add any fruits (except mango and banana), 2 slices of whole grain bread and 40 grams of cheese. Also every three days it is allowed to eat starchy vegetables (for example, potatoes), pasta, pancakes and any other high-calorie foods. Twice a week you only need protein foods.

4. The last stage can be called an exit from the diet, as it involves the use of any products. The main thing, as in all the previous stages, is to eat 3 tbsp daily. spoons of bran and provide the body with a plentiful drink. Once a week, you need to spend a protein day.

Important! At all stages of the diet should be abandoned alcoholic beverages, as they slow down the metabolism and retain excess fluid in the body.


Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of water with a slice of lemon.

Lunch: baked turkey, marinated cucumber.

Afternoon snack: a glass of yoghurt.

Dinner: boiled beef.


Breakfast: chopped cabbage, flavoured with lemon juice.

Lunch: the ragout of tomatoes, aubergines, cabbage and greens with olive oil.

Snack: mashed pumpkin.

Supper: stewed zucchini, seasoned with ground pepper.


Breakfast: whole wheat bread with cheese and avocado.

Lunch: vegetable soup.

Snack: jelly from strawberries.

Dinner: broccoli puree.


Breakfast: salad of fresh vegetables, natural yoghurt with pieces of fruit.

Lunch: soufflé from turkey, vegetable slicing, berry juice.

Snack: 7-8 nuts of hazelnuts.

Dinner: boiled squid, 2 cucumbers.

The royal diet is considered quite long, but it allows you to lose more than 20 kg of excess weight and do not worry that they will return back. In addition, this diet helps to improve the body.

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