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Scientists have voiced 6 signs of rapid aging in women

Experts published a new study, according to which the process of aging of women only by a fifth depends on hereditary factors. The main cause of wilting is unfavorable external conditions, which the body immediately signals with several obvious signs, Vladtime reports.

So, scientists warn that the state of the skin can indicate the start of a sharp aging process. Pigmented spots and skin peeling in women under 25 years old speaks about the onset of aging. Prevent the process will help food based on vegetables and fruits, as well as the examination of the endocrine system.

The second sign of old age is the thin skin of the eyelids. Up to the age of forty, this feature is caused, as a rule, by a lack of sleep. After forty women with this symptom, it is necessary to examine internal organs.

The third alarm is the failure of the menstrual cycle at the age of 46 years. To stop the onset of old age, in this case, will help the reception of vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as the examination and treatment of internal infections.

Another three signs of aging – fast fatigue, insomnia, and hair loss. All these symptoms indicate the withering of the body and require urgent treatment.

Earlier, the “Free Press” reported that sex, even without pleasure, slows down the aging of the female body. Studies were conducted on the basis of the University of California in San Francisco. 129 women participated in the experiments, who have long been involved in relationships and have children. As it turned out, the more a woman has sex, the more her body produces hormones of endorphins, which affect the rejuvenation of most body systems, especially for skin renewal.

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