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Sex in a new way: how to please your partner on Valentine’s Day

Sex in a new way

Routine and monotony in everyday life and in bed – that’s what destroys any relationship, including those that began mega-spectacular. But everything is in our hands. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to upgrade things on the sex front.

Strategic plan

If this will console anyone, the problem of boring sex is familiar to almost every couple. Anzhela Lozyan, a psychologist, a trainer for women’s programs and sexual practices, regularly receives women (less often men) complaining about their sexual routine. “Over the years of relationships, a lot has changed: bodies, their sensitivity, perception of themselves and each other, mutual grievances, claims, understatement accumulate, although this is not always realized,” explains Angela Logan.

“This whole bouquet can cause a changed attitude towards sex. Partners from enthusiastic lovers turn into human functions: “he brings money and nails the shelves,” “she pays the bills and takes the children to the mugs.” In addition, over time, the appearance of lovers may not change for the better, concentration on their own completeness.

A global, strategic plan for an upgrade in sex and, in general, a psychologist proposes to build up to eight steps towards rapprochement (important: they should be taken together):

remember how it all began, evoke the image of your partner from the romantic past. Indeed, in fact, this is the same guy who fell head over heels in love with you “twelve” years ago, only matured, matured, more experienced;

reduce the percentage of pragmatism in relationships in favor of romance: spend the saved money not on a new food processor, but on a weekend in another city together;

start again to study each other’s bodies, because closer to forty, new sensitive zones turn on;

have sex not for a purpose (orgasm), but for pleasure;

Add playful elements to the relationship: say, agree to have a special date twice a month, once according to your scenario, the other according to your partner’s scenario. Let everyone bring into this meeting something that he lacks in his intimate life, for example, toys from a sex shop. Send your partner a frank message in the messenger in the middle of the day or throw an erotic note in your jacket pocket in the morning – let him accidentally find it at some meeting;

wear beautiful clothes at home, and when passing by, touch each other as if by chance;

show each other more interest, because, by and large, each of us sits in a “box” of his consciousness, in which he can be, just like you, cold and lonely. Talk more – about sex and more;

and kiss often. And not only during sex but also just at the meeting and goodbye.

Holiday specifics

And now about sex on Valentine’s Day. For the sake of new sensations, you will have to spend a little time and money on preparation. And it’s worth starting with a sex shop. What can be useful here? A good choice is the penis attachment. The simplest is a latex cover for “manhood”, outwardly similar to a dense condom with a slot for the head. “Intimate suit” is equipped with all kinds of balls and “mustaches” that enhance sexual sensations.

The most expensive ones – gel ones – have a built-in micro vibrator, which is set in motion during frictions. One of the types of attachments is an elastic gel ring for penis enlargement. In addition to the festive look, and we are still getting ready for the holiday, manhood will quickly increase in size, become extremely elastic, and will be insured against a high-speed orgasm. Producers of “sex camouflage” promise the most unforgettable sensations to both partners.

Everyone has read and know about intimate beads for a partner for a long time, but purely theoretically. It’s time to try it out. Sex beads consist of two balls tied together with a strong thread. Inside them, many small beads roll, vibrate, and thereby excite a woman. Having introduced such an intimate adornment into her vagina, a woman: a) trains the vaginal muscles, enhancing her own sensuality; b) gets additional pleasure.

Exciting lingerie for a festive evening is also worth stocking upon. The most popular pattern, according to the observations of sellers from sex shops, is the net. Black and red (the leading colors of sexy lingerie) coveralls with locks, down, strings; stockings and panties for full combat readiness (with a cut in the genital area); edible gelatin-based bikinis are perfect for Valentine’s Day and Evening.

Erotic perfumery with pheromones is also quite consistent with the goals. As well as special creams of instant action, causing blood flow to the genitals and a good erection. As a rule, the active, active ingredient in them is red pepper extract. The composition of other creams – prolongers – includes the anesthetic lidocaine, which reduces the sensitivity of the penis and prolongs 10 life hacks from a sex expert on how to diversify intimate life and intimacy.

In the sexual first-aid kit of sex shops, there are also special drops that increase attraction, based on phytoextracts of Muira Pauma, cola, Yohimbe. Some need to be taken a few days before the meeting, others an hour before it. Well, and since the best aphrodisiac is laughter together, some kind of funny, albeit useless, erotic gift will not hurt either.

For example, a whistle in the shape of a male penis, a set of ice trays in the form of nude female figures, or a phallus keychain with dense vegetation. By the way, sex shops offer underwear with a twist not only to women but also to men. Swimming trunks in the form of a deer, elk, elephant, parrot (the latter, by the way, also chirp) in front have a convenient niche for a member in the form of a beak, trunk, or animal jaws. An evening in such swimming trunks will definitely not be boring and routine.

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