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Sex in quarantine: new trends in the world of intimate gadgets

Sex in quarantine

Experts in the field of intimate goods told how the intimate preferences of Ukrainians have changed.

The worldwide quarantine imposed in connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments in all aspects of public life: business, work, family relations, physical condition, and, of course, sexual life.

Sex in quarantine

On the one hand, those who entered the quarantine with their significant other had more time to have sex and get to know each other intimately. On the other hand, couples get bored with the usual sex, and they are looking for a variety in every possible way.

The founders of the first and largest sex shop chain in Ukraine “Nasoloda” told about the impact of the quarantine on the preferences of Ukrainians during the quarantine.

“Indeed, people have become more active in buying sex toys. Interestingly, customers have become more interested in “silent goods”, such as silent vibrators. After all, often they are not at home alone, but with their loved ones and children. In such conditions, silence is very important. Also, if earlier you could neglect antiseptics, now the sanitizer is a must-have in every order.

The demand for lubricants and special tools for processing toys, as well as intimate cosmetics for pair games – massage candles and oils has grown significantly.

“Regular customers complain that it is convenient to wear sweatpants at home, but bland,” they say in the sex shop, so it is not strange that more erotic costumes and accessories for role-playing games were bought in quarantine: from classic nurses and maids to more exotic ones.

The sex shop also compiled the top 5 most popular sex toys during the quarantine period. It includes a smart-controlled vibrator, balls for training intimate muscles, a silicone butt plug, a two-sided realistic masturbator, and a vibrator for couples.

In addition, the network notes a boom in interest in toys for those who are forced to stay at a distance with their significant other. In such cases, devices with the ability to control from a smartphone come to the rescue – an ideal option at a time when the principle of maintaining distance has become so important.

Today in the Arsenal of brands there are both independent toys and pair ones: vibrators, masturbators, clitoral stimulators, erection rings, anal plugs, and others. To connect a partner or partner to your device, just send a link, download the app and control the vibrations of the toy, even from the next room, or from another country.

Experiment and wash your hands with soap!

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