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Sex positions that are challenging as workout


Sex should not become hard work, but there is nothing wrong with making additional efforts from time to time and trying something new. If you are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone, you may well be interested in the 7 sexual positions that we picked up. For a lazy morning, they do not fit, because they require effort, but instead of erotic underwear, you can wear shorts, because these are real training.

1. On the chair

On the chair

Ask your partner to sit on a chair and then ride it. In this position, you can rise, swing and do everything that seems to you pleasant.

Why this exercise: depending on how high your chair, you will feel the tension in the legs and buttocks. It is worth it: for intimacy and deep penetration.

2. Inverted rider

Inverted rider

Sit down facing the legs of your lying partner and get down. Find the right balance in your tilt and make sure your partner is just as comfortable.

Why this exercise: any position in which you are at the top, always exhausting, especially if you are constantly in motion. But you can play with your clitoris and feel very frank. The best way to ignite passion!

3. Standing


Spread your legs apart and bend over, touching your own toes. The partner has to take you back but to move slowly and don’t forget the grease!

Why this exercise: if you could repeat this pose with straight knees, this is heroism. After some time you feel that you have just won the sex.

4. Crabs


Let your partner sit down, leaning back and legs spread. Slowly put his feet on the shoulders. You may need a lot of lube and a few tries. But as soon as you get penetration, relax.

Why is it training: it definitely requires some serious flexibility, and you also keep your weight on your hands, leaning back ago. This is quite unusual and quite intimate because you constantly see each other in the eye.

5. Plough


Let your partner lift your legs from the classic missionary position on your shoulders. It does not work with two legs – try one!

Why is exercise: not a pose, and another test of flexibility. But you can achieve the deepest possible penetration, so you won’t mind this unscheduled workout.

6. Double dip

Double dip

Tango takes three: you and your partner in doggie-style, and another man for fun.

Why this exercise: try to stimulate two people at once!

7. Three-legged dog

Three-legged dog

Stand facing each other, slowly put one foot on the thigh of the partner. It is possible for the penetration in this position you will need not only lubrication but additional stool to align your growth. This is the perfect position for sex in the bathroom.

Why this exercise: in the absence of a free wall nearby that will require a lot of strength, flexibility and balance. But the feeling that you need to be as close as possible so as not to fall, very sexy.

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