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Sexual horoscope for 2018


Horoscope: It is no secret that the zodiac sign largely determines the intimate sphere of human life. Who are the most passionate signs of the zodiac and what awaits them in the year of Yellow earth Dog? Offer sexy horoscope for the zodiac signs for the year 2018.



In 2018, the Rams will be just stunning. The second half of the year gives lonely representatives sign the long-awaited missing half.

Women Aries, subconsciously choosing for the role of beloved despotic men who categorically refuse to obey them. They find particular pleasure in the struggle for power, in everyday life and in bed. The pleasure of these ladies is not easy, but they always try to satisfy the partner.

In 2018 astrologers strongly recommend women to stop rams to mould men invented ideal. Why do You conflict? Jealousy is also undesirable. May looks around and realizes that the second hot thing he can find.

Men Aries each new novel perceived as an exciting adventure. The easy win not for them, the partner must fall into the arms after the long siege. After the “fall of the fortress”, they immediately switch to a new target.

2018 for men-Aries will be overwhelmed by the female attention. To achieve harmony in existing relationships, it is recommended to cease to be complacent and jealous of your partner to everyone you meet.



2018 promises Taurus rough and varied sex life, and lonely representatives of the sign also the long-awaited soulmate.

Female Taurus is passionate and sincere in relationships, and also temperamental, tireless and inventive in bed. Getting an ideal bed, they don’t forget about the satisfaction of sexual appetites partner. Here are just a win over the Bulls not just. Not been able to interest, nothing helps.

In 2018, the astrologers suggest to female Calves to restrain the desire to experiment. If You need a long-term relationship, will have to get rid of the habit to frequently change partners.

Male Taurus are confident in their irresistibility, but selecting a partner for a casual relationship do not waste your time. Generous, caring, reliable. Terrible owners. Love having sex but indifferent to innovation.

In 2018, the astrologers suggest the male Calves become more open with your partner and begin to discuss their sexual desires. Don’t be afraid to experiment, this will refresh the relationship. Stop clenching your passion “on a short leash” if you don’t want her “escape” to another man.



2018 for the Twins will be very boring if they do not change their traditional approach to relationships. And, Yes, look to your surroundings, someone to You long indifferent.

Women Gemini, driven by curiosity and love for new things, always open for experimentation. Their only drawback – the tendency to analyze – difficult for these women to fully disclose their sexuality.

In 2018, the astrologers suggest to disable the tendency to rationalism and to offer her lover an erotic massage or a shared bath. It will strengthen existing relationships and will become a good start for new connections.

Male Gemini does not suffer monotony and boredom, and therefore often change partners. The perfect woman for them will be the one that will share their love for innovation and experimentation.

In 2018, the male Twin will have to restrain your cravings to flirt, if you do not want to destroy existing relationships. Lightheadedness excessive behaviour this year will be able to spoil the reputation of even the bachelors.



In 2018, the stars recommend that people born under the sign of Cancer, learn to trust your partner completely. Lonely representatives sign in 2018 will finally meet the person you can count on a passionate relationship.

Women Cancers are externally inaccessible and feelings in public are not showing. In fact, they have an insatiable sexual temperament, which to meet is not so easy. This is a passionate lover, capable of any madness in bed.

2018 recommends restraint and self-control. His desires and resentment toward the man to Express in clear form, otherwise, hard feelings cannot be avoided. Often show how much You love your partner.

Male Cancers are skilful lovers and would be perfect, do not worry more about their own satisfaction. They are fickle, prone to conquest, do not tolerate boredom and routine.

In 2018 a cancer man can be truly happy if you can tame their natural selfishness. Listen to the desires of his lady, get a hobby. And if you feel a loss of interest in her it’ll just get better immediately.



In 2018, the Lions will be a real magnet for the opposite sex. Singles waiting for love at first sight. In stable pairs comes the revival of former feelings. Get ready for a sex marathon.

Women Leo – striking and artistic, but prone to drama. Excessive pragmatism interferes with their emotion and love for theatrical productions holds down in bed.

In 2018, the stars advise women Lions to think about their sensuality or cheating from the partner cannot be avoided. Experiment, be open to your partner, and Your relationship will move to a new level.

Male Leo seemingly self-confident and purposeful. While deep down they are vulnerable and experiencing acute love failure. Finding a caring and sensitive woman will value a man-Lion, and admire him, he will never look to the side.

2018 requires men of Leo to stop the show in their actions. If You want to save the relationship, stop to capture the imagination of your partner with new poses from the Kama Sutra. Become a gentle and affectionate lover that responds to the moods and desires of the partner.



Lonely representatives of the sign 2018 promise a lot of opportunities to begin your personal life with a clean slate.

Women Virgo – sweet, gentle, and not prone to excessive demonstrations of emotion. But in the ways, they give their all, without a trace dissolving into the chosen one. Virgin is able to truly surprise your partner in bed.

2018 urges women of this sign do not rush things, learn to enjoy sex without commitment. Don’t push the man, not control him. It is better to give freedom of imagination, this will allow you to become closer to each other.

Male Virgo is a tireless and energetic lover. To have sex responsibly, and don’t stop until the partner is fully satisfied. That’s just a change they don’t forgive. The slightest suspicion – and instead of a caring partner You will receive a vengeful despot.

In 2018, male Virgins are encouraged to idealizing the partner. Everyone has their flaws that you just need to take. Astrologers recommend that you diversify your intimate sphere and to learn some new techniques. Try role-playing or tantric sex.



On the love front for people born under the sign of Aquarius in 2018 brightest events not expected. But if You are lucky to meet your soul mate, the relationship has developed very successfully.

The woman-Libra just born for erotic pleasures. Appreciating good sex, she is always ready to intimate relationships and is able to adapt to partner. However, the constant thirst for pleasure often leads to inconstancy.

In 2018 it is recommended that the timeout in love adventures, even if permanent partner You have at the moment. It’s time to remember that love does not always bed, and try to start with a spiritual affinity. And avoid men who don’t respect You.

Libra male in bed the temperamental and fickle. Often changing partners, manage to feel that to every sincere affection.

As women-Weights, men should restrain craving for sexual adventures. Your lies will be revealed and deceived women of adultery will not be forgiven. Try to change techniques in sex, but not to run from partner to partner.



2018 for the Scorpions will be filled with passion. Just wink to the opposite sex as the object of desire will be at Your feet.

Women-Scorpios have a pronounced sexual temperament. I love sex. Time and place play no role. Uninhibited, willing to experiment and able to immerse your partner into the abyss of pleasure. Easily drive men crazy, but they are long in their life do not stay.

In 2018 astrologers recommend choosing sexual partners are not just a lover and a man with whom you can spend the rest of my life. Even if it is initially far from ideal in bed, it is You the strength to fix it.

Men-Scorpions by nature conquerors, and don’t like quick wins. Temperamental and voluptuous, they are always ready to improve in the love games. The perfect partner for the man-Scorpion can become a beautiful, strong and independent woman.

In 2018, the male Scorpions will wonder: are they willing to sacrifice personal freedom for a lasting relationship. In the presence of a shred of doubt, don’t be fooled by a partner. However, think about whether the cost of the surrounding temptations of a breakup.



Lonely Sagittarius 2018 promises new friendships and love at first sight. To start up a relationship which will bring a lot of joy and pleasant surprises.

Women Archers – appreciate the big love play and foreplay. Sex without the rest is given to sensual enjoyment. Here only partners they stale quickly, and women Archers throw them, regardless of the stamp in the passport and children together. Keep them only sexual variety in relationships.

In 2018, women-archers expects increased attention of the opposite sex. It only remains, in the pursuit of pleasure, do not miss the man, ready to give You warmth and care.

Sagittarius man – an energetic, spirited and have statuses of exquisite lovers and unfaithful husbands at the same time. A long-term relationship of Sagittarius is only possible with a woman, ready to surprise him in a sexy and intellectual sphere.

In 2018 from men-archers should not expect any loyalty or constancy. The stars recommend being vigilant because You have the risk of being used by one of the partners to achieve their goals.



Capricorn and Caseroom in 2018 will need a fire extinguisher – it will be very hot.

A Capricorn woman is intelligent and erotic but often limit themselves by rules of decency and morality. They need a truly sympathetic and patient partner is able to awaken their latent sexuality.

In 2018, the stars recommend to be more open, sensitive and not ashamed to show their desire partner. Otherwise, instead of a long and harmonious relationship, You are at risk of misunderstanding, conflict and losing a partner. The stars are favoured, and sexual energy will be flowing, we can only guide her in the right direction.

Men-Capricorns perfectly give the report to their desires. Not wasting your temperament and sexual energy on fleeting partners, they are able to devote themselves to one woman.

2018 will give single men of this sign meet true love, able to give sensual and spiritual enjoyment. Those who already have the lady, expect her creative experimentation in Your intimate sphere.



For men and women born under the sign of Aquarius, 2018 in the sphere of love will remind swing, throwing it up and down. Don’t let your emotions run away with him and everything will be fine.

Female Aquarius is a delicate and romantic nature, not suffering relationship built on brute physical attraction and animal sex. They are temperamental, sensual and love foreplay.

2018 will be filled with women-Aquarius sexual harmony. To achieve this, account should be taken of the willingness of the partner to pamper him with something unusual, adding a spicy zest to Your love life.

Men-Aquarius – intelligent and sensitive partners. Impregnable respect women and not in a hurry to get her into bed. Aquarians never force your partner to do what she does not accept, though they are always open for experiments.

To maintain relations in 2018 astrologers suggest male Aquarians deviate from the traditionalism in bed, to show ingenuity and innovation. Amaze your partner. In early summer, the stars promise a holiday romance.



Fish and 2018 will bring more luck in love than all other zodiac signs. Around the sea of temptations, but don’t do anything rash.

Woman-Pisces – delicate, artistic and inclined to idealize the partner. Frustration leads to rupture and depression. Love stormy love Affairs and selfishly allow me to love, without caring about the partner.

In 2018 astrologers recommend reconsidering your attitude to sex. Stormy temperament and looseness, of course, will attract a man, but to keep it You will not be able to. Stop trying to present your body as a gift, and learn to feel the needs of the partner.

Men-Pisces do not like rudeness and animal passion, and they prefer sophisticated women. Those born under the sign of Pisces, male erotic nature, and therefore appreciate the sensuous and sophisticated bedding.

2018 will bring the male Fish increased the risk of scandals. Partner will require You to not only caresses but also of warmth. Talk to her after sex, show that you understand her needs.

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