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Shocking facts about the onion.


The onion is known to mankind for many centuries. The first mention of the bow refers to the times of Ancient Egypt. However, new properties of onions scientists continue to open until now. Many of them are simply shocking.

Venom for pets

A common onion – a product habitual in the diet of a person – can become a real poison for pets. If a dog regularly consumes fresh onions will cause a chronic malaise, then the cat will most likely die. The fact is that the substances with which the vegetable is rich, destroy red blood cells in animals. This circumstance causes the development of hemolytic anemia. To do this, it is enough to feed the pet with onion in an amount of 0.5% of the body weight.

Onions against cancer

Employees from the Japanese University of Kumamoto found that the common onion is an excellent tool for fighting cancer. During the experiment, the Japanese injected antitumor drugs to mice. One group of rodents fed regularly onions. The results of the treatment were more effective in those mice that ate onions. It turned out, it’s all in the substance contained in onions called onions A. This compound inhibits the growth of cancer cells and their division. It has been reliably established that onion not only promotes the treatment of malignant tumors but is also an excellent preventive against gastric, prostate, ovarian and breast cancers.

Effects on the brain

Scientists from France found that onions help rejuvenate brain cells. Gray compounds that are contained in this vegetable are carried through the circulatory system through the body and, of course, get into the brain. There they purify the synapses that connect the brain cells – the neurons. Moreover, such cleaning has a beneficial effect not only on memory, thinking and other intellectual processes, but also relieves anxiety and irritability.

Onion tears harm the eyesight

Indian scientists came to the conclusion that when cutting onions, certain substances are released that, when combined with tear fluid, form the most real sulfuric acid. It is acid that causes burning and tearing. Therefore, onion tears can cause severe irritation and especially in those who suffer from dry eye syndrome. This disease is most likely to affect people who use contact lenses. With prolonged and regular contact with chopped onions, chronic conjunctivitis and even erosion of the cornea can develop.

Bow as an incubator for bacteria

Cleaned onions, in any case, cannot be stored for long, even in the refrigerator. Scientists have found that it is this onion that often causes poisoning and infectious diseases. The fact is that a fresh sliced vegetable is a magnet, and then an incubator for all sorts of harmful microorganisms. The next day the onion should not be used for cooking any food. It is noteworthy that salads dressed with mayonnaise, about the danger of using which knows, perhaps, everyone, according to experts, is not as scary as a chopped onion.

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