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Signs for home well-being – how to prevent evil beings from entering your home

My greeting to all! Let’s talk about how to protect our homes, the family from disaster. Do you think this is all nonsense?

But those who ran into trouble due to the non-fulfillment of some of the signs believed in their strength. Therefore, the topic of our conversation is “Signs for home well-being”.

How to sweep up rubbish

  1. Many people sweep the dreg towards the threshold, but this can not be done: you can lose money, and young ladies can lose their charm. So sweep the floor towards the kitchen.
  2. Do not get out if a big church festival has come. In the Christian way, in these days the heavenly gates are open, and through them, the divine power comes to us. When we start to wave a broom, then we break it.
  3. In the house, hold only one broom, and put it up with a panicle. If you put it down, do not wait for the receipt of money, as well as cleanliness in the house.

How to clean and protect the house from bad energy?

  • To clean the rooms of evil and negativity, prepare incense or sandalwood. Slavs traditionally fumigated all the premises in the house from damage. They lit dry twigs of juniper or wormwood and fumigated house, cattle. For these purposes, oak leaves, twigs of St. John’s wort, sage, lavender or pine will do.
  • It is often necessary to spray all rooms with holy or even plain clean water.
  • For cleaning, cleaning with aerosol is suitable. Prepare the solution: Drink 9 drops of aromatic oil per 100 ml of clean water. Go through each room only clockwise, starting from the threshold. Spray this tool, stopping in the corners, here you have to spray 3 times.
  • To protect the house from bad energy, clean bad entities, wash the floor with salt water.

Evil can be stopped

  1. Place the amulet over the entrance door, made of oak, it is possible from the acacia.
  2. Hang up a bunch of onions, garlic, red pepper or herbs.
  3. Arrange in the corners of the premises a mixture of dried herbs: elder, valerian, basil, oregano, rose petals. Such an amulet will bring peace and peace to the house, as well as protect against robbers and unexpected visitors.
  4. The float for fishing is a powerful amulet. Floats must be hung at the front door of the house in a conspicuous place, then no evil will penetrate into your housing.

Helpful Tips

  • After leaving the guests, do not leave dirty dishes for a minute. Wash it right away, as soon as I said goodbye to the guests. So you get rid of negative messages, even if they were thrown accidentally.
  • In order not to gain unnecessary energy debris, never immediately wear the thing you were given, or you bought it yourself. First, smoke it with herbs or “burn” with a candle.
  • When you get home, wash your shoes immediately, stand under the shower, then put on your home clothes.

What to do when you cleaned the house?

Now start cleaning yourself, because some of the “garbage” has settled on your body! Take an orange bath for 10-15 minutes, it gives an excellent cleansing effect. Just add 1 orange juice or 4 slices to the water. Then take a shower.

What our ancestors advise

  1. Knead the dough clockwise.
  2. Show a new, emerging Moon a coin of silver to make money.
  3.  Do not let us put on your slippers! You can take the evil, someone else’s envy, failure or just pick up the fungus.
  4. If you felt that your guest was envious of something, then immediately, after his departure, take up cleaning the apartment with a church candle to clear the evil eye. Go around it so that the wall during the bypass was from your left. If in the corners of the candle begins to pop, then there is a bad energy.
    Burn the candle in this place until it crashes. When you return to the front door, go out, stand to face your dwelling, cross the door three times, it’s good to do this with prayer. Then, beyond the threshold, put out the candle, but do not blow it out.
  5. Cats take all the negative! Do not try to hold the cat next to yourself if she wants to leave. This means that it absorbed a sufficient portion of the negative, and more now it will not be able to take back.

Still very important advice

Old people, many rules of residence in the house were carried out unconditionally, thereby protecting their homes from negativity.
  • Never place a mirror in front of the entrance, so as not to reverse all incoming energy, drive it out of the house.
  • You can not hang a mirror in the bedroom, especially opposite the matrimonial bed. You will attract treason, distort your AURA, which can lead to all sorts of diseases.
  • Do not hang in the house such mirrors, which divide the person into separate parts, so as not to attract failure.
  • Mirrors can enhance energy, so treat them very carefully. If you accidentally broke the mirror, say the following words: “The mirror is broken, the trouble is the slave (name) does not concern!”. Immediately remove the fragments from the house. In general, try to be less reflected in the mirrors to preserve health and well-being.

Six rituals of house cleaning

  • Take 5 small bulbs, clean, hang in different places. Each small onion punctured with a thick needle with a thread of red thread threaded into it, tie around the bulb. After 7 days, remove each bulb, placing it on a separate sheet of paper, sprinkle well with salt, then burn it. After such a ritual, evil spirits have nothing to do!
  • For several weeks, at least a few days, burn church candles in all rooms. Fire does not like dark entities that come from the other world.
  • Put on the night, in all corners, cut in half bulbs, and in the morning collect them on the scoop (hands can not touch), bury it in the ground.
  • The same can be done with garlic. Everyone knows that onions and garlic are the best helpers in the fight against dark forces.
  • Take a dry twig of thistle, heather or St. John’s wort, light it from a church candle, then smoke everything with smoke, even the tiniest rooms. In the rooms go cross-wise, that is – from corner to corner.

How do you know if there are dark entities in the house?

Conduct observations. In a house with positive energy, the spilled water dries very slowly, flowers are standing in the vases for a long time, the objects of the metal feel slightly cool to the touch, and they give out heat from the wood.


Dear friends! You are now armed with useful knowledge, which means that no evil will enter your home. Follow the simple advice and everything will be fine!

What do you think?


Written by Hannah

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