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Small tricks for the volume of hair


Straight hair and volume? It’s compatible! Learn how to increase hair volume with simple tips.

If you are the owner of smooth, straight hair, most likely your hair does not always have enough pomp, even if your hair is thick. To give them volume at the roots, you need to know some secrets.

Haircut layers – not always a good option

The secret is simple: the more layers, the less dense the straight hair looks, so do not rush to agree to a “torn” haircut. People pay a lot of money to have a thick braid, so why do you leave such wealth? Exactly trimmed straight hair looks more fluffy and alive than cut into layers

The whole secret is in the right length

The longer the hair, the smaller the volume at the roots. This is a simple law of physics: under the influence of its own weight, the hair stretches and straightens. That’s why the ideal length of straight hair – not below the collarbone.

Effectively it will look like an elongated bean (the back of the head is shorter than the strands in the face), as well as all kinds of short haircuts, square and classic bean.

Use the air conditioner correctly

Again, repeat the important advice: apply the conditioner only to the lower part of the hair. Conditioners and balms weight the hair and “eat up” the volume at the roots. +

Another trick: use the balm before, and not after the shampoo. This will help to thoroughly rinse the remnants of the product from the hair.

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