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Stretch pleasure: what you need to know about delayed orgasm


orgasm is unpredictable: from sex with a man, it’s hard to say for sure whether you will reach climax. The reason is that you don’t know your body. Orgasm can be controlled. Sometimes it is necessary to interrupt the fun at the peak, then to get a more vivid sense. Tell us what the pending orgasm than it is useful and how to achieve it.

What it is

delayed orgasm

Delayed orgasm is when one partner slowly leads the other in the excited state, leading to the highest point, close to orgasm, but then reduces stimulation to delay the onset of climax. Changing the intensity of sex, the active partner holds the receiving DC excitation. When, in the end, the active partner gives enough stimulation, there comes a stronger orgasm is close to euphoria. To practice delayed orgasm as a couple, and with the help of Masturbation.

For what it is

When you approach orgasm, your body is very tense. The clitoris becomes very sensitive, the blood rushes to the pelvis. Increasing the activity of the limbic nervous system of the brain responsible for emotions and controls the orgasm. The purpose of the pending orgasm to accumulate this state to increase the feeling of the climax.

Delayed orgasm is considered to be one of the practices of tantric sex. If you want to experience new sensations, here are a few tips to achieve a delayed orgasm.

Do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles and help keep the youth of the genitals. Developed vaginal muscles important to delayed orgasms because they help to control the onset of climax. These are the same muscles that you use to regulate the flow of urine. Regularly train, and they will become strong and flexible.

Don’t let the orgasm give the opposite effect. One of the problems with achieving orgasm is postponed – you can lose excitation at the wrong time. If the orgasm receded, take it easy. Don’t try to force the orgasm to happen, it will only exacerbate the stress.

Take a break

Take a break

Sometimes you just need to rest from trying to reach orgasm in order to create the right mood. You can revert to the preliminary caresses, after all, who said that sex should develop in the same growing scenario. The respite will be useful for you and for the partner, it will help you both to relax. Only discuss the possibility of a break with a partner before sex, otherwise, the guy will take it as a bummer.

Adjust the position

When you make a short break during sex, can change position and try something new. This will help you not to lose excitement and to find new routes to pleasure. We already told you about the poses that are similar to a good workout at the gym. If this is too difficult, then at least diversify the classic sexual positions.

Do not go too close to orgasm

The first attempt delayed orgasm can fail because you won’t be able to stop in time. Remember that there is a boundary beyond which you lose control of your body. Kegel exercises, regular sexual practices and Masturbation will help you to master the skill of control orgasms.

Concentrate on the process and not the result

Concentrate on the process and not the result

Forget about orgasm. Sex should be enjoyable from beginning to end, not just at the end. Delayed orgasm helps you focus on the sensations and understand that you don’t have to climax to feel good. Concentrating on slow, gentle caresses, you can feel what had not even noticed because he was fixated on the orgasm.

Practice delayed orgasms will help you with a partner to make sex more aware, than just race for bliss. A nice bonus will be the ultimate climax.

For delayed orgasm, it is important to be responsive to the partner, to know what they like, and watch for his reaction. This practice not only enhances the experience but also develops empathy and understanding in a couple.

The first step is to practice delayed orgasm with a partner is better with mutual Masturbation. When you both learn control orgasm, you will be able to control the time of its occurrence, and even duration, as well as to experience it at the same time.


Most importantly in delayed orgasm and a long gentle stimulation, use of sex toys. They will help to achieve new sensations with your partner and examine your body for self-Masturbation.

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