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The best orgasm in your life: what you need to know about squirt


Orgasm is one of the most wonderful and unpredictable things that can happen to you. Not only that, you can test it even without having sex. It is likely that during orgasm your body will emit the liquid jet, and you’ll feel the most pleasant sensations in life. I’m talking about the squirt, which is worthy of each of us.

What is Squirt?


Squirt or spray the orgasm is a woman’s ability to bleed from the vagina during the climax in sex. On the nature of squirt I bet no less than over the existence of a point G. it is Strange that scientists have already learned how to print human organs, but until the end and did not understand how the female body.

The reputation of squirt always been so-so. Psychiatrist Richard Krafft-Ebing believed female ejaculation a perversion related to neurasthenia and homosexuality. Uncle Freud believed that Squirting is a sign of hysteria. Now obviously, all this is nothing more than sexist speculation.

That unequivocally recognized everything from Aristotle to Helen malysheva – some women release a bit of fluid during orgasm.

What is this liquid?


The main subject matter of the squirt – a mysterious liquid. Several researchers expressed the hypothesis that it’s just urine, and therefore, no it is not ejaculation and the usual incontinence. An additional argument to this version is that before you squirt the woman has a strong desire to go to the toilet.

Those with whom the ejaculation was behind the glass of the laboratory and in life, denied it the humiliating assumption. According to eyewitnesses, the liquid produced during Squirting, more viscous than urine in texture, white or colourless and almost odourless. True, some women claim that they have smelled the aroma of young wine, others said that the fluid smells “like a cat, but a little more pleasant.”

These words are confirmed by several recent studies. Chemical analysis showed that urine “female sperm” has nothing to do.

Where does the squirt come from?

The most common version of the origin of women’s ejaculate – paraurethral Skene’s gland. They are on the front wall of the vagina, near the G point, in the lower part of the urethra.

During active arousal, the Skene’s gland produces the secret. In composition it is similar to male semen only contains sperm.

The fact that the release of secret going close to the urethra, explains the theory of female incontinence. The feeling that has to pee before orgasm is confirmed by all who had the squirt.

How to experience squirt

experience squirt

Those who have experienced ejaculation, you say that these feel much better a normal orgasm.

Squirt is available for each of us, though still millions of women have no idea what it is. There are several reasons: low level of sexual culture, improper social attitudes and psychological enslavement of girls. Difficult normally relate to squirt in a world where men say that female ejaculation does not exist, the allocation of fluid when sex is incontinence, and the G – spot is an invention.

However, now scientists have provided enough arguments to make people understand, squirt a healthy and very pleasant phenomenon.

Many women jet orgasm happened spontaneously. Not the fact that you’re one of those lucky women, but wait for a miracle is not necessary to achieve the squirt can be targeted.

For starters, you need to learn your body, erogenous zones and learn to vaginal orgasm. This will help you regular Masturbation, the secrets of which we have already in detail told.

To achieve a squirt, you need to focus on the point G. it is best if the partner will stimulate this area with your hands, not a member. It needs to introduce fingers into the vagina, palm up, slightly bend them and rhythmically massaging the front wall of the vagina. At the same time, it is possible to stimulate the clitoris. When there is the feeling that you have to pee, don’t squeeze the muscle, relax and let fluid out. Feel you’ll be simply enchanting.

The words “jet orgasm” and scenes from the porn films a slightly distorted idea about the squirt. Don’t expect it will be a jet, like a fire hose, this is often just a small puddle that will remain after you in bed.

What do you think?

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