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The first symptoms of skin cancer. Do not miss them!

Skin cancer ranks first in the structure of cancer development worldwide in both men and women – its share is about 14%. At the same time, the symptoms of skin cancer are some of the most notable. So, the chances of getting to the doctor on time increase.


skin cancer

The reasons for which an ordinary birthmark can become malignant, a lot. The most common of them, according to oncologists, is the effect on the upper layers of the skin of carcinogenic substances. These include tobacco, arsenic and heavy metals. Chemical carcinogens, among which oil, gasoline, fuel oil, soot also contribute to the development of cancer.

Enormous exposure to excessive exposure to ultraviolet light on the exposed skin, including in the solarium. In the risk zone are those whose work is associated with a long stay in the open air (especially attentive to these people with light skin).



Reduction of general immunity;

Age (over 50);

The presence of cancer in close relatives;

dyshormonal disorders;

aggressive method of treatment of other diseases (for example, chemotherapy in case of oncological disease of another type).

Contrary to popular belief, skin cancer does not cause papillomas. Viral and common papillomas are not malignant (become malignant) over time. However, if they are formed on the genitals or mammary glands on them, you need to pay attention.

Age-related warts also do not indicate the development of skin cancer. On the human body with age, pigmented formations appear, the color of which can vary from light yellow to dark brown and black. More often than not, it is a manifestation of seborrheic keratosis, not cancer. Over time, the liver loses some of its functions, which “replenishes” the skin, removing bile pigments.

Symptoms that indicate the development of skin cancer include:

local darkening of the skin area followed by densification;

long non-healing formation on the skin with a sucriquous discharge or wet surface;

the appearance of bleeding nodules and plaques.

If you find the first symptoms of skin cancer, you should contact a dermatologist.


As a prophylaxis for the development of skin cancer, oncologists are advised to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and monitor changes in neoplasms of the body. Do not neglect and sunscreen: many of them protect the skin not only from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation but also from premature aging.

People whose work is associated with prolonged exposure to the sun or surrounded by chemically dangerous substances, as well as relatives of patients with diagnosed skin cancer, can use the oncology insurance service or a program to monitor changes in tumors and moles on the body.

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