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The rules of sexting: how to have erotic conversation


It only seems that the exchange of erotic letters, photos, and videos is a simple matter. In fact, sexting, which is what this type of intimate relationship is called, has its own rules that it makes sense to learn – it will come in handy.

In fact, sexting, which is what this type of intimate relationship is called, has its own rules that it makes sense to learn – it will come in handy.

When erotic correspondence is justified

Erotic correspondence can not and should not replace a full-fledged intimate relationship, and it should probably be used only in two cases – as a prelude to sex or a temporary version of it when for some objective reason people can not yet be together-in such cases, sexting is useful, and therefore recommended for use. But-no more than that, because no matter how exciting and bright your correspondence may be, it still will not be able to replace a full-fledged intimate relationship, and it is not worth trying.

The main thing is not to rush

Experts recommend that you only engage in sexting with someone you know well or have at least met in real life. For security reasons, you should not be too open – and in this case, you can not say otherwise – with a person about whom you do not know anything. Of course, you will not run into a maniac-it is difficult to do this remotely, but later you can find your intimate photos on the Web. And the specifics of the Internet are such that everything that gets there is almost impossible to destroy-juicy photos are likely to remain there forever.

Do not enter into erotic correspondence even if you are going to continue a relationship with this person. By engaging in sexting, you will step over several steps in your relationship with him, which, first, will make you feel uncomfortable when you meet in person, and secondly, will disrupt the natural course of events, which may cause your Union, if you plan one, to fail.

First, there was the word

In General, do not send too many erotic photos – this may confuse your interlocutor, especially if you do not know each other very well – limit yourself to written messages. But in them, you can not be shy. True, even here there are laws. Don’t write long-winded emails: in order for them to reach their goals and impress their partner, the texts must be short, but they must be succinct and vivid. By the way, it is not so easy to do this – to fit the maximum of temptation in the minimum of words is quite a difficult task, but, as you know, there is nothing unattainable for a person with intelligence.

Fantasy is a friend of a person

Even if you have never worked in a “phone Sex” service, where fantasy is a necessary professional quality, you can develop it in yourself. Your own experience of an intimate nature will come to your aid, and those who have it so far are modest should look at the Internet – there you will find texts for every taste, you will only have to choose the most suitable ones. The main thing is not to be shy – shyness is unlikely to benefit your relationship, eroticism and modesty are incompatible if you intend to engage in sexting, figuratively speaking, while holding on to the elastic band from your underwear, then it is better not to start – it will still not be useful.

“It is not necessary to start an archive, over manuscripts to shake”

And here’s what not to do with the letters of an erotic nature, is to store them. Even the most complex password will not protect them from prying eyes, and it will be, to put it mildly, inconvenient if it is read, for example, by your parents or a new boyfriend. Not to mention the fact that your children may one day get acquainted with it. “Well, mother, you are giving it away!” they will say, and even if their tone is more admiring than condemning, you will have to blush.

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