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The true origin of Stonehenge.

British archaeologist Mike Pitts (Mike Pitts) found that the two large stones that are part of the megalithic structure of Stonehenge, originally located on the plain near Salisbury. Previously it was believed that all the sandstone boulders (sarsen) were taken from another location. This is written by the publication Science Alert.

Since the 70s, scientists have been convinced that the sarsens that were used to build the megalith were moved from Marlborough Downs, which is 35 kilometers from Stonehenge. However, it remained a mystery why the creators of cromlech did not erect it at the location of stones, the transportation of which is very difficult.

According to the researcher, heel stone and stone number 16 were already at the construction site. This is indicated by the absence of traces of processing of these two boulders that were available on other sarsens. The archaeologist also found traces of a large depression next to the heel stone, which could remain after digging out the boulder. The same pit is also found near the sixteenth stone.

In addition, the line drawn through these two stones indicates the point of the horizon where the Sun rises on the day of the summer solstice. Pitts believes that the natural location of boulders could be the reason for the construction of the entire complex.

Cromlech refers to an ancient structure, which consists of several vertically placed stones forming a circle. They are found all over Eurasia, but the most famous is Stonehenge and Avebury.

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