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To hell with romance: 6 tips for home dating

Romance: A film, beer and takeaway food – these simple still life of my usual output Man. If this picture is also familiar to you, welcome to the club “We have been living together for a long time and to hell with romance.” It seems that only going to a restaurant or a zoo can shake you and create a special atmosphere, but your apartment is no less suitable for a good evening. Here’s a recipe for a perfect home date. Among the ingredients are simple but long-forgotten charms. Candles, erotic lingerie and rose petals do not apply to them.

1. Cook dinner together

Cook dinner together

Today’s lesson to strengthen the relationship — “cooking together”. It is a versatile tool for rapprochement, not only in the pair.

A survey of Americans showed that most people believe that cooking is common. Participation in the study took about a thousand people: 88% of those who are in a serious relationship, 94% of those who engaged 89% of those who recently got married, and 84% of those who have been married said that cooking is one of the main classes in the pair.

Even if your boyfriend never held a knife in his hands, take to making dinner as a fun game. Choose something new and interesting, but not too expensive and complicated so as not to spoil the mood. Don’t focus on the result. Follow the precepts of the Queen of awkward situations Bridget Jones and don’t worry if the output will be something like her famous blue soup.

2. Create your playlist

Open a bottle of something alcoholic – just light and refreshing, after all, too early to relax – and enjoy the music under the boiling pots. The correct playlist for Dating should include a milestone for you songs that evoke fun memories, and new music in order to want to dance. The slowness that you cried, leave for a more intimate atmosphere. Cooking the evening must go on a positive note.

3. Drop the clothes

Drop home clothes

But don’t forget to throw instead of something, otherwise, the date will go Bang. It is difficult to resist the temptation to go home and get into something loose, soft, with the dried chocolate stain on the pant leg.

I am against a full-fledged formal bow, which would ruin the comfort, but to reveal the exclusivity of the moment is. Find a balance between the output and the outfit, what do you usually wear around the apartment. Simply put, add to a shabby t-shirt and pyjama shorts a couple of ornaments and a sloppy bun on the head.

I have for home visits there is a separate category of things too just for the street, too good for washing floors, and going to the trash.

4. Switch off the phone

This mantra I repeated from material to material and will not cease until all the pairs on Earth will find full harmony, the phones have no place on a date. In any case, not in your or his hands.

Max, why a smartphone can be useful in the evening: view a recipe, play music, or call an ambulance in case of not too successful culinary experience. Photo memory is also a good reason, but you immediately want to put it in the social network, so there are no temptations.

5. Play bartender

Play Bartender

This evening should not be ready-made solutions, so off the wine and other simple drinks. Take a few ingredients and create your own signature cocktail. Or more. It’s not necessary to have your mini bar: grab a couple of drinks for the base and mix with juices and fruits in different proportions.

6. Finish the evening with something other than TV

Resist the urge to finish the evening by watching a movie or TV show. I love to spend weekends under TV shows or new releases at Dude. So we fill pauses in conversations, overshadowed from problems, but from each other too.

Exceptionally, spend a special evening without the media, even if you are together a hundred years, and it seems that to talk more about. Listen to new music, tell us for the hundredth time favourite stories, remember how I spent the last vacation, or share impressions about recently read books. Cocktails will help you focus on each other and remind you how much you still want to say.

What do you think?

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Written by Hannah

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