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Today will definitely be sex: life hacks for beginners


The quarantine is finally coming to an end, which means that we have new meetings, acquaintances, and Affairs ahead of us. And you can start preparing for a stormy personal life right now.

The quality of relationships, including the most intimate ones, often depends on the partners’ savvy and erudition in frank matters. To help novice erudite – seven life hacks for successful communication.

Sex life hacks for beginners

Lifehack for newbies on dating sites: choose a photo for your avatar where you are frankly so-so. Seriously! There will be more sense from an “average” photo than from a photoshopped image that is far from the original. The British Daily Mail knows what it’s about. Guys and girls with overly sexy and ideal looks simply alienate potential partners: most simply doubt that they are up to their level.

Finding a partner for relaxed meetings together is no longer a problem at all. Install a dating app on your smartphone and press a button. Further – the matter is small. If anything: with the help of online services, half of humanity, if not the majority, is now meeting. Reuters recently investigated this topic. And now: almost half of the interviewed men from 18 to 40 years old have slept and more than once with strangers whom they met on the Internet.

Good sex is good at any time of the day. But making love in the morning has additional bonuses. Firstly, from 7 to 9 in the morning, male blood is the hottest: at this time, the daily maximum of testosterone rages in it, which means that desires and opportunities are at their best. Secondly, morning sex is less energy-consuming compared to nighttime.

The head is still fresh, the mood is not spoiled – nothing prevents you from enjoying each other. Thirdly, orgasms in the morning stimulate the release of hormones endorphins, and they increase immunity and stress resistance. Well, then, there is such an interesting study by scientists: the career status and earnings of people who practice morning sex are higher than those who ignore it.

To drink or not drink on a date, if the plans are far-reaching? Sexologists thought about this for a long time, conducted experiments, made some calculations and came to the conclusion: a glass of champagne (a glass, not a bottle!) Before sex prolongs an erection for half an hour. Not brandy, not whiskey, not beer, but champagne. The heart and brain from this drink in small doses is also a continuous benefit. So a bottle of brut, like a pack of condoms, should always be at hand.

The first phrase at first meeting often decides everything. Women usually like directness, but not from the series: “In this blouse, you will look great on my couch.” It is better to drive up in a different way: “Let’s have lunch together? What are your plans for the evening? Maybe we will meet a little later?” Oddly enough, banal weather introductions work well: “Well, it’s hot today! Great weather to prepare for a marathon!” Women’s athletes are still a priority.

The Japanese allegedly found the ideal phrase for the first acquaintance, it sounds like this: “Next year we will laugh together on the same day!” Like, there is a hint that next year we will be together and laugh, which means that the two are not bored. However, our ladies are not Japanese, it is not a fact that they will appreciate such an informal format.

Situation: you like the lady, but she doesn’t really like you. How to improve your own rating? Lifehack from Viennese scientists – to invite her somewhere to listen to music. It was like this: one hundred participants in the experiment were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of male faces before and after the concert.

As a result, after musical doping, the attractiveness of men in women’s eyes increased by several points. And the more complex and interesting the music was, the steeper the effect turned out to be. By the way, in this sense, music does not affect men: if he does not like it, then at least three hours in headphones sit – it is useless.

A sense of humor is a well-known aphrodisiac. Laugh together – tell your partner about the most ridiculous research by British scientists on the topic of sex. The first joke: the owners of dogs make love more often than the owners of cats (“dog lovers” do it three times a week, and “cat-lovers” – twice).

Apparently, the proactivity of dogs somehow turns on their owners, and the imposingness of the cats relaxes. The second trick: people with different views on politics do not smell each other’s sexy scent. It’s another matter if the partners are in the same political party – an enchanting orgasm is provided for them! Third study: the most active in sex are lovers of hot sandwiches. What is the connection between temperament and love for hot dogs, scientists do not specify, the topic for fantasy remains open.

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