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Top 10 Mobile Games from Where You Can Earn Real Cash

Yes, it’s true! You can earn some cash with your smartphone playing games. Here we have included the top 10 mobile games from where you can earn some money aside from enjoying the games.

  1. Field Agent

Using this app, you will play the role of a field agent and you will be assigned some work. You have to follow the instruction and go where you will be told to go. The time limit for each job is 2 hours and you will get 2USD to 12USD for each job.

  1. Check Points

You can earn points through this app by checking in to shopping malls, cafes or a grocery stores. You can also get more points by scanning items bought by you and even by recommending these to your friends. Points earned by you can be redeemed for different rewards, such as games, gadgets, amazon.com and more.

  1. Easy Shifts

Here you need to complete some simple assignments. Assignments can be given in terms of giving an opinion, recording the price of a product or taking photos. After completing few tasks, you will be ranked higher and will be able to unlock high paying assignments. Payments are different for each task.

  1. App Trials

You will have to review trailers about apps to gain the points. You will be paid for each video you will watch.

  1. Iconzoomer

You have to take the photos of certain things as per the game’s command. It can be your drink, lunch or even a shoe you are wearing. Each snap will give you money.

  1. GymPact

What about exercising at the gym and earning money at the same time?Once you have made a pact with this app, you will be paid for each day you go to the gym. But you will have to pay for each day missed by you. You will be paid for each workout that lasts for minimum half an hour.

  1. GigWalk

Be a gigwalker and earn 10 to 15 dollars an hour. You will be assigned different jobs and on successful completion, you will be paid money.

  1. Shopkick

If you love shopping a lot and enjoy the latest trends and bargains, you can earn some kicks with Shopkick. Look for some participating shopping places which allow you to earn kicks. Have a look at items of the store and earn kicks. Make use of earned kicks to unlock gift cards.

  1. ESPN Streak for cash

Make a prediction before the game starts. After having the longest winning streak, you can earn money. Try to call for different sports and maintain the streak.

  1. Phewtick

With Phewtick on your phone, you just need to meet people, scan a code and get paid.

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