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Top 10 questions about youthful skin


What cosmetic procedures are worth doing to slow aging and when to start anti-aging care

Stop the train, I’ll go off – and I want to say age. The unique ladies who manage to look 30 at their 50 looks a bit. Everyone is trying to learn from them the secret of preserving youth. Cosmetologist, dermatologist of the highest category Elena Kulagina told “AiF-Prikamye” when it is necessary to start anti-aging care and how to keep the skin young, smooth and beautiful longer.

When is it worth starting anti-aging care?

As you know, the skin ages from 25 years, so the first anti-aging procedures can be carried out at this age. However, you need to understand that each person has his own characteristics, so you should always consult a beautician who will choose the care you need. Usually, at this age, we recommend a course of mesotherapy (a course aimed at eliminating and preventing the first signs of aging, – Ed.) To energize the skin. The body will receive the necessary trace elements, vitamins, amino acids. At this stage, more is not needed. So-called “injections of beauty” do early, because the body produces its own hyaluronic acid well. If we deliver large doses to the skin in 25-28 years, it can cause harm to the skin.

From what age can you put “injections of beauty”?

Approximately from 28-30 years. Do this not only for the purpose of correcting age changes, which begin at this age. The main thing at this stage is prevention because it is more difficult to fight with what is already there. Preparations and a course are selected by a cosmetologist taking into account individual characteristics, skin type, morphotype of aging. It is important to remember that this procedure has contraindications. The most common of them: individual intolerance of the drug, general inflammatory diseases, herpes in the active phase, autoimmune and oncological diseases, phobia of injections.

Are creams with hyaluronic acid effective?

There are no general recommendations, as well as a magic component. Cosmetics are selected taking into account the skin type, age, season, presence or absence of allergy.

Often on the shelves, you can see creams, the producers of which assure that their products will smooth wrinkles and the skin will look like a child. In fact, this is nothing more than a marketing move. Some companies that sell cosmetics even use this technique: they invite women to the presentations, during which they smear one part of their face with cream. And the skin is really magically smoothed. However, the effect of such creams is short-lived. They perform exclusively aesthetic function due to the swelling of the keratin protein in the surface layers of the skin. The hyaluronic acid in creams and serums does not rejuvenate the skin, it does not stimulate cell division of the dermis and the production of collagen.

How to deliver hyaluronic acid to the skin?

The skin consists of two layers: the epidermis – the dead cells on the surface of the skin – and the living layer – the dermis. The organism is a perfect system and the epidermis will not let through everything. Therefore, in order to rejuvenate the skin, it is necessary that the active substances penetrate to a depth of 3-4 mm. Only hyaluronic acid delivered to the dermis by injection can improve metabolic processes, accelerate cell division, increase the volume of the intercellular space, which slows the degenerative processes in the skin. The face becomes younger, the skin acquires a healthy appearance, the pigmentation disappears, the skin becomes elastic, dense, elastic. The courses of injections have not only an aesthetic effect but also a therapeutic and prophylactic, really pushing away the aging of the skin, rather than creating a temporary effect.

Is it true that botox deprives face of facial expressions?

Aesthetic injections of botulinum toxin are most often done in the Interbrew, on the forehead, near the outer corners of the eye, on the back of the nose. The muscles of these zones are least involved in facial expressions, so there is no effect of an amylic face. Live mimicry is preserved, like all metabolic processes. The main thing is to adjust the age changes so that it is invisible. Therefore, drugs such as Botox and Dysport are placed in the upper third of the face. Their term of validity is six months.

Will gymnastics help the face to overcome wrinkles?

I have big doubts about the effectiveness of this technique and that’s why. Wrinkles are formed as a result of muscle contraction. Our face is arranged so that its muscles are connected to the skin. That’s why we have a living facial expression. The muscles contract, the skin shifts, wrinkles form. Massage is useful, but gymnastics is a big question.

Will the skin get better if you drink a lot of water?

For a long time, it was believed that the more you drink water, the better. And many were pressed, but they drank two liters of water a day. Now, this theory has already been abandoned and I consider this to be correct. Personally, my opinion – you need to listen to your body. Forcing yourself to drink, if you do not want to, do not. Serious impact on the state of your skin the amount of liquid you drink, will not. Of course, you need to drink water. But in moderation and without fanaticism.

How to get rid of black dots”?

From open comedones, cleaning of the face in the salon is most effective. It includes cleansing, enzyme mechanical peeling, surface acid peeling, disinfestation (the method of apparatus cosmetology, – Ed.), Removal of sebum and comedones, soothing mask, cream, massage.

If there is no possibility to go to the salon, you can clean the face and houses. To do this, first 10 minutes to steam up your face over a pot of hot water, or over the device “Camomile”, then use a sterile gauze to remove comedones, and then apply clay (the most common – white). As soon as she froze – wash it off. How does it work? Clay penetrates into the outlets of sebaceous ducts and, when we wash it off, it cleans everything up. The same cleaning can be done after visiting the bath. Just make sure that there are no inflammations on the skin.

Now on the Internet, you can see the recipes for getting rid of “black spots” with the help of toothpaste. This, firstly, will not get rid of comedones, and secondly, it can cause dermatitis, which will worsen the appearance of the skin and then require treatment in a dermatologist.

Whether it is possible to narrow the expanded pores?

You can not. But it is possible to improve the skin condition by applying courses of peeling, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion (deep grinding, – Ed.). Also, it is necessary to use in home care cosmetic means, which include matting ingredients, light-reflecting particles, as well as creams and serums containing moisture-retaining substances: collagen, hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the measures taken, we can even out the relief of the skin, but narrowing the pores is not realistic. Therefore, when the manufacturer says that his creams or masks can do this, he is cunning. What pores are, will remain so.

How often should I clean my face?

To understand this, you need to consult a specialist who will determine your skin type and your characteristics. With dry skin, the face can be cleaned once every six months, with increased fat content – more often. But I do not recommend doing this. Too frequent cleaning can damage.

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