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Always on top: 5 rules for a good erection

good erection

Once curious psychologists decided to find out what men are most afraid of in the world. The result of the survey was quite predictable: the vast majority of men covered with cold sweat from the thought that one day in bed let them down on strategic. (By the way, the second place in the rating of fears is the horror of powerful women and women bosses.)

Men’s fears about the lack of an erection at the most inopportune moment have a high chance of coming true. According to statistics, problems with an erection are familiar to almost every second man.

Up from the mind

In the past, problems with erection threatened the appearance of a fatal diagnosis on a patient’s medical record: “impotent.” Then the doctors consulted and decided to replace the word-sentence with a milder and less offensive term – “erectile dysfunction“.

And they did the right thing because impotence is an extensive concept: there is a loss of libido (sexual desire), problems with ejaculation and orgasm. And erectile dysfunction stands for short: the inability to achieve an erection or keep it until the end of sexual intercourse.

Often these are accidental misfires, but even more often they are signals of major trouble. “In order for a man’s penis to always be at its best at the right time and in the right place, well-coordinated work of the vascular, hormonal and nervous systems is necessary,” explains Oleg Nikitin, candidate of medical sciences, urologist of the highest category, “and if at least in one of them showed violations, to come to full combat readiness he, most likely, will not succeed. ”

It is interesting that erection problems often haunt people of intellectuals and scholars, as a rule – townspeople. The lower the level of intelligence, the less often a man blushes in front of his partner. What’s the secret? Perhaps it is that a thinking person tends to doubt. Including – and in their sexual abilities. But as soon as the man began to doubt, felt anxiety, began to compulsively think about the bed fiasco, his fear entered the path of materialization.

There is also another quite logical explanation. Depression and erection problems are twin brothers (in 90% of cases, erectile dysfunction visits depressed owners of a penis), and since melancholy as a diagnosis is familiar to the vast majority of city dwellers today, it is not surprising that misfires in bed happen all the time. In the list of causes of erectile dysfunction, in the first place are internal conflicts. Depression goes away – an erection returns. Unless, of course, the partner turns the occasional miss into a permanent problem.

Another category of risk is sexual front-line recruits. The expectation of failure, the fear of getting infected, falling in the eyes of a partner, or completely inappropriate to become a father prevent the young man’s penis from gaining proper firmness. If the fears are justified, the next time the young person already programs himself for failure in advance and falls into a trap. You can check that this is a disease or the result of your own complexes by the presence of a morning erection: if everything is in order with it, then it’s time to visit a psychoanalyst.

However, even extreme self-confidence and absolute moral stability will not help if a man’s production of testosterone and other sex hormones is impaired. Diseases that interfere with the work of factories for the production of hormones – diabetes mellitus, goiter, and others affect the “drill” of the penis.

Erection has another formidable enemy – atherosclerosis. A short excursion into the anatomy of the penis reveals two blood supply systems in it. One works constantly and provides nutrition to the cells. The other starts working only after the signal of sexual arousal arrives in the brain. At the same time, the cavernous bodies (voids inside the penis) begin to fill with blood and expand until the venous vessels are clamped, then the outflow of blood from the penis stops. But, if the blood vessels are clogged with atherosclerotic plaques, it will not be possible to achieve a full erection.

Smokers are at serious risk of becoming a regular client of an andrologist (and at the same time a psychotherapist). Nicotine impairs the blood supply to the penis, which prevents the penis from filling with blood at the right time. Just two high-nicotine cigarettes can ruin a promising night. Although real problems await the tobacco lover in the near future: nicotine tends to accumulate in the body. However, most often, according to the observations of Oleg Nikitin, a mixed version of erectile dysfunction poisons the lives of men.

Life goes on

And sexual – including, even when the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is confirmed. To begin with, the doctor will try to establish the cause of the passivity of the penis. There are so-called international questionnaires, which consist of many diverse questions. The answers to them, translated into points, help the doctor determine the type of dysfunction.

Perhaps it’s all about internal contradictions, and then the best medicine for a man will be conversations with a psychotherapist and an andrologist. Further searches are conducted in the field of “organics”: special devices study the characteristics of the blood supply to the penis, its innervation (sensitivity of nerve endings), in the end, you can check the hormonal background: are the levels of testosterone, prolactin and other hormones of good erection sufficient. After the cause is found, treatment is prescribed.

Radical methods of therapy – pills and surgery. Today in pharmacies you can buy improved prototypes of grandmother Viagra for every taste and price tag. The difference between new-generation drugs and outdated modifications: they are included in the work as needed. After all, a significant disadvantage of Viagra was that the main active ingredient sildenafil gave an erection half an hour after taking the pill, regardless of the situation. If the man’s expectations were never met, he had to take another pill in order to bring the penis to a calm state. The latest inventions of pharmacologists give stronger sex greater freedom.

The advanced forms of atherosclerosis (the venous vessel is clogged with atherosclerotic plaques and medications against them are powerless) require surgical intervention. The name of the procedure sounds intimidating – penile prosthetics. In practice, special structures are implanted into the penis to ensure the necessary density of the penis when it is inserted into the vagina. However, the miracles of surgery sometimes give complications, so men are placed on the operating table only as a last resort.

It is believed that most can be helped in less traumatic ways. For example, using the local negative pressure method. Figuratively speaking, a special plastic jar is put on the penis, in which negative pressure is created, and the vessels of the penis are artificially filled with blood. A vacuum erector can be purchased at a pharmacy and always at hand. The sex shop industry offers men its own options for solving the problem – phallus prosthesis with a niche for their own penis, which is attached to the thighs with special straps or put on the body using special leather swimming trunks.

To maintain the athletic form of the penis, nutritionists advise men to press on dill, spinach, walnuts, and celery. Psychologists – to concentrate less on the thought “will get up – will not get up”, and think during the foreplay about pleasing the partner, her experiences, and sensations.

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