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Traveling alone: ​​6 problems you will face


Traveling alone: You can’t assume that you know your boyfriend well until you have done several things together: you had a fight, got drunk and traveled. The last item includes the first two, so we’ll dwell on it.

1. Will Experience stress from the road

Travelling is fun but expensive and the organizational issues can a lot of frayed nerves. In flights, long trips by car, figuring out how to get to places, easy to lose a positive attitude and to spoil the mood of themselves and others.

To overcome the stress during the journey, expert health and relationships Caleb Back offer to look at things in perspective:

You’re on vacation with your partner. Even if something goes wrong, assess what is happening in General. Keep calm and partner will eat your positive vibrations as much as when you project stress.

Whatever happens, concentrate on the anticipation of going on a vacation and not an annoying detail.

2. You may not like the same activities

You may not like the same activities

I’m afraid of water and prefer to admire the sea from the beach. When I first told about the fear of my boyfriend, he didn’t take it seriously, dressed me in a life jacket and lucky to ride on a catamaran. It ended up that he decided to dip me in the water, and I became hysterical. In the end, the guy was disappointed in our voyage, and I was embarrassed that I messed up our holiday.

You will not like everything that he loves partner and expects that he will share all your ideas is not worth it. As noted by travel blogger Jennifer Dombrowski, joint planning is an important part of the preparation for the trip:

Setting expectations that you both would like to see and do on the trip, to avoid those little disputes which might ruin your vacation.

“Compromise” — that’s your favorite word for a joint vacation.

3. You can find out that you are not suitable for each other.

Journey together – the best way to find out how compatible you are with each other. If you are not together for a very long time, there may be a disappointment. Jennifer Dombrowski recommends that you select for the first trip short direction, for example, just to go out of town for the weekend.

When traveling abroad you will encounter many unusual situations and can identify each other hand, which had not noticed before. You don’t want to know that you are not compatible, in the middle of a two week trip to Europe.

4. Find out that you have different travel goals

find Out that you have different purpose of travel

If you do not have to bother planning the trip, you can face the fact that your expectations do not match. He went for extreme vacation, going skydiving, and Hiking on nature, but have you taken a vacation to take a break from work, walk to museums, restaurants and relax.

The incompatibility of expectations from the journey can be frustrating and delay you. It does not necessarily mean that you are a good fit, just needed to pay more attention to the discussion of their plans.

5. Spend too much time together

The abrupt transition from Dating on Friday and shared the weekend, to living together 24/7 will be stressful for those who are in a relationship recently. It makes you very together, but, maybe too much. If you do not want to bother each other ahead of time, try to give each other more freedom. You don’t have to go everywhere together, even though it is your overall journey. Break periodically and enjoy each in its own way.

6. Disappoint because of too high expectations

disappointed because of too high expectations

The best advice for travel – reduce your expectations from the trip. I find it difficult not to dream about the perfect vacation and can’t begin to imagine how it will be long before the holiday. But this approach will surely lead to disappointment, especially because there are two of you and not everything depends on you.

Don’t become a hostage of his own fantasies. Think about sharing the journey not only as recreation but also as a way to strengthen and test your relationship.

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