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Nordic diet: we lose weight without counting calories

lose weight

Do you want to lose 4 kg for 6 months and not count the calories? We will introduce you to a unique Nordic diet.

1. Add butter to your diet

Canola oil is a deposit of alfa-linolenic acid and monounsaturated fats. It is useful to take it with food, enriching your body with omega-3.

2. Pay special attention to protein foods

The meat of poultry and sea fish, which lives in the northern waters, must invariably be on the table at least 3 times a week. When choosing red meat, it is better to prefer the leanest. Preferably game meat, which feeds on the fodder. It’s an elk or venison.

3. Healthy carbohydrates – 50% success!

Be sure to include in the diet such whole grains as barley, rye, oats, rich in fiber.

Try to limit the consumption of macaroni, flour products from white flour, and rice as much as possible.

4. Expand the range of eaten vegetables

Plan every day to eat a sufficient amount of local fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Enter gradually into the food leaf salads, legumes, root crops and berries.

5. Dairy products will stand guard over health

Take the rule of eating at least two servings of cheese and plain unsweetened yogurt. Such a balance of proteins and fats will support the state of muscles, and will not cause a desire to have a snack at leisure.

6. When to choose a beer!

Fruit juices and sugary drinks completely exclude their nutrition schemes. It is better to replace them with whole fruits. Compared with sugar-containing beverages, coffee, tea, and beer will be more useful. Just do not abuse them.

7. Receive the positive from a merry feast

Do not expand the diet of meat restaurant dishes. It is better to prefer joint dinners with family members or best friends. Together, you will receive a lot of positive feedback, cooking and eating healthy home food.

Nordic oatmeal

It will take about half a glass of whole wheat, you can take rye. Grain should be washed and soaked overnight. In the morning, drain the water and pour the swollen wheat with milk and add a pinch of salt. Cook until softened as if it were oatmeal. The aroma of the dish will give a spoonful of bee honey.

The most delicate roast

This dish is better to cook from a rump of lamb. This meat is located between the loin and the ham. At first, the meat of the lamb is fried on high heat, so that the rump remains juicy. After baking in the oven at 220 degrees. Ready meat should be slightly pink when cut. In the form of a side dish, barley or boiled potatoes.

Marine cuttings

This is the name for a shellfish, which has a slightly salty flavor and is rather fleshy, unlike ordinary mollusks. Prepare them as well as mussels, steamed, generously flavoring thyme and white wine. A delicious aromatic flesh should be taken out with a fork and enjoyed, biting off a piece by piece.

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