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Wedding traditions in different countries

Interesting wedding traditions and rites of each people are different, they depend on religion, the history of the country and even the climate. For most people, a celebration that has passed without different rituals is considered unfinished and can even be considered void. Many cultures have unique traditions that have been observed by all newlyweds for several hundred years. This can be attributed to the first wedding dances of the bride and groom.

Ancient Rome is one of the founders of wedding traditions. It turns out that even in ancient times, 10 bridesmaids and groom’s friends were supposed to be present at the wedding celebration. They were invited to scare away a jealous evil spirit who might want to harm the couple.

The bride’s friends were traditionally dressed like a bride, and the groomsmen (groom’s friends) are like the groom. It was believed that among such dressed people, the evil spirit can not tell where the real groom and bride are, and therefore can not harm them.

Many people think that the white dress symbolizes the virginity and integrity of the bride, but as before, so now the white color is a symbol of joy and prosperity.

White robes were typical of the ancient Greeks, they went on holidays, they had a version that they painted their bodies white on the day of the wedding ceremony. For many centuries, white color is considered one of the most festive colors!

But who, after all, brought the white wedding dress to fashion.

Wedding traditions in different countries. According to one version, in the middle of the 17th century, the English Queen Victoria introduced the fashion both in her country and throughout Europe – to wear a white dress for the wedding, because she herself was at her own wedding in a white robe. There is another version, it was, however, much earlier. The Queen of the Austrian State Anna came out in a white wedding dress for her ceremony, unlike the then-pink color. Since then, the whole elite of Europe has followed this example, since Queen Anne was so irresistible in a white sparkling dress. Well, where the elite, there and the common people accepted this beautiful tradition – the bride in a white dress!

And what of chastity? And the symbol of purity of the soul and the physical, strangely enough, is the veil. And that is why, if a girl first marries, she has the right to this decoration, an element of festive attire.

Wedding traditions in different countries Most likely it was the ancient Egyptians who came up with the idea of exchanging engagement rings. The round form of the ring is the eternity, infinite happiness and love between husband and wife. 

And if you touch the bride and groom on your wedding day, it brings happiness.

In ancient Rome, the parents of the newlyweds at the end of the wedding ceremony broke the cake over the head of the bride to bring abundance to the new family, and the crumbs gathered as guests, as a sign of luck.

In medieval England there was a more interesting tradition: all the guests brought pies with them and built a huge mountain in the center of the table, well, and newly-weds tried to kiss a mountain of pies.

Wedding traditions in different countries and here is another tradition. In our time is very common. There is a sign that if the bride falls on the threshold of her new home, this is a bad sign. To exclude this, the husband takes his wife across the threshold of the house. Our newlyweds went further, and, usually in Russian cities, this tradition has slightly expanded – the groom often carries his bride in the arms across a bridge. In this context, the bridge is the road of life, and that HE will take care of it all the way of life, wearing it only on the hands.

Well, what are the wedding traditions abroad? How is it with fantasy?

Bulgarian wedding 

Wedding traditions in different countries 

In Bulgaria, there is a tradition: at the end of a festive day, when the newlyweds leave the guests,

they are showered, but not rice or wheat, but figs.

I think a couple of bruises will remain in their memory

German Wedding

Wedding traditions in different countries A few days before the wedding, friends, and relatives bring old porcelain and utensils with them to smash the land in front of the bride and groom. The German proverb “Broken dishes brings you luck” comes from this custom. Fun and easy to beat the dishes go to a friendly party.

We also have something similar: If the dishes are broken, then this is for luck.

Immediately recalled anecdote: If the dishes broke, the husband thinks – “hands hooks,” and the wife – “this is for luck.” Let’s think positively!

But the merry Germans do not stop at this:

on the main day, the bride must have bread and salt in her wedding dress pocket, which symbolizes abundance.

 And the groom in the meantime brings grain – a symbol of wealth and good luck.

Guests are also not bored, and the path, which will be followed after the ceremony of the couple, is covered with fresh fir branches with the wishes that the way of the newlyweds is paved with luck, hope and wealth.

In gratitude for this, all guests are given handkerchiefs, so that they can wrap them in the rest of the holiday meal and take it home.

Greek wedding   

 Traditionally, Greek weddings sing and dance a lot. These people, there is even a special wedding dance to attract money and wealth to the house of a new family, during which the guests attach money to the bridal dresses.  

Did you know? that in Greek villages even a wedding bed is prepared in a special way: by tradition, small children must first run on the bed in order to bring abundance to a new family.

There is also a very ancient Greek tradition, it helps to protect the newlyweds from failures, for this bridesmaids and friends of the groom wear special clothes with the image of the eye. 

Hungarian wedding

Wedding traditions in different countriesTradition on the contrary: the whole village participates in the wedding procession, first the guests come to the bride’s house, and later they go with the bride to the groom’s house or immediately to the church. Traditionally, after all, the groom usually visits the bride, and then the whole village.

“Dance of money” is very common in Europe. At the Hungarians, the bride puts her shoes in the center of the hall (restaurant), and those who want to dance with her must throw a few coins into her shoes.

Indian Wedding

 The shedding of flower petals is a very beautiful ceremony, often used both in Europe and in Asia.

The main task of such a ceremony is to repel evil from happy newlyweds.

Traditionally, the function of shaking yourself takes brother or uncle of the groom. In Russia – especially do not guess – they shower who gets and what gets.

 Mass wedding in Punjab, India. 

Mass weddings in India make it easier for families to bear the financial burden of collecting a traditional dowry and organizing an expensive wedding ceremony. The brides are dressed in white dresses instead of the traditional Indian red wedding dress, as the girls belong to the Christian communities of Punjab.

Japanese wedding

Japanese newlyweds during the traditional rite, during which they must drink 9 cups of sake. It turns out that after the first sip they officially become husband and wife.

Chinese Wedding

In China, the bride is brought to the groom’s parents in a traditional red wedding car.

The red color symbolizes love and joy.

In China, during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom drink wine and honey from the cups, connected together with a red braid.

Polish wedding

Usually, in the villages, friends and neighbors weave a wreath of rosemary leaves and decorate the bride’s hair.

Polish version of the “dance of money”: guests attach money to the bride’s dress to buy a dance with her.

According to another Polish tradition, the bride and groom stand in the middle of the circle formed by the guests. The groom takes off the veil from the bride, and the guests give them money instead of gifts that they could buy with this money.


In the Portuguese “dance of money,” a guest who wants to dance with the bride also puts money in her slipper, which is brought to him.


French newlyweds at a celebration in their honor drink wine from a cup with two handles, which is called a coupe de marriage.

 Wedding traditions in different countries 

On the photo – the French wedding cake Krokembush, which is a majestic tower of cream cakes.

Uygur wedding. 

Uyghur brides are preparing two outfits for the wedding: a white western-style wedding dress for the solemn dinner that takes place on the first day of the wedding, and a traditional Uighur dress for the second day of the wedding, during which she greets guests as a married woman.

In Scotland, the groom traditionally takes the bride to his family, after uttering the vows, throws a shawl of checkered cloth with the colors of his clan and pins it with silver pins.

Hawaiian weddings are very bright, they are filled with beautiful flowers, colorful costumes, and funny dances. Often use live music on traditional instruments. On the tables, the main delicacies are seafood and fruits. The ceremony is usually held in the air, on the shore near the ocean.

African weddings according to customs are quite different, from traditional and white wedding dresses, a feast in a restaurant to us we do not understand, where the bride’s dress consists of ash, clay, feathers and tropical plants. Traditional dances with tambourines and fumigation with various incenses.


A few days before the wedding, the hands of the Pakistani bride are decorated with patterns from henna. This is done specifically, for the ceremony Mehendi, a rite, which according to beliefs should bring good luck to the future family.

 Korean Wedding

Korean bride and groom in traditional wedding dresses. For two thousand years, there is a wedding tradition, according to which newlyweds in Korea wear hanbok, a traditional Korean costume of bright colors and simple lines. 

 Moroccan Wedding 

Moroccan brides usually wear exquisitely decorated caftans and many ornaments. In Morocco, the bride and all the women invited to the wedding decorate their hands with patterns of henna

 American Wedding

At the wedding in the States, unmarried girls traditionally catch a bouquet of the bride. It is believed that the one who catches the coveted bouquet, will soon also be married.

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