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What happens to your body if you regularly masturbate?


Getting sexual pleasure is not the only reason to practice self-gratification. According to experts, there are several health benefits that you will get if you masturbate regularly.

The muscles of the pelvis become stronger

The muscles of the pelvis become stronger

Not only Kegel exercises help to strengthen the vaginal muscles, exercise Masturbation has the same effect, but with a bonus in the form of orgasm.

Orgasm is basically the reduction of the pelvic muscles. The more you “lift weights” in the form of orgasm — the more you work the muscles. And the stronger the pelvis — the stronger the orgasm! In addition, the strengthened muscles help to reduce painful sensations during sex, for example, in the absence of sufficient lubrication.

Your body gets rid of toxins

Your body gets rid of toxins

Forget about the fasting days and special detox-juice — Masturbation can perform the same role. For men, regular Masturbation is associated with the work of the prostate, and frequent ejaculation helps to flush out toxins that cause cancer. In women, the pattern helps to prevent inflammation of the urethra and infection of the cervix. During the excitation in your bodies, fluid circulates stronger, and this allows cervical mucus to wash away harmful bacteria.

You better get excited

Contrary to popular belief, Masturbation does not decrease sexual libido simply because needs were met. On the contrary, Masturbation can make you more excited during sex with a partner, because you produce more vaginal lubrication and improves sexual sensitivity. Furthermore, mutual Masturbation is a great way to experiment.

Stimulates the immune system

Stimulates the immune system

Think that’s sick? Immediately to bed. If you’re often tired, especially in the cold season, add Masturbation to your daily routine is a great trick that will help to mobilize the immune system. The fact that arousal and orgasms increase the number of white blood cells in the body that act like real killers and kill potentially harmful substances in the blood.

Your body gets a mini-workout

If going to the gym is not your favorite activity, Masturbation can be a great replacement exercise. When excited, increases your heart rate, and blood moves faster, which promotes deep breathing and speed oxygen to muscles. Of course, that won’t help you to make the buttocks firmer, but at least you can not worry that you have exceeded your rate of burning calories.

You’re happier

You're happier

According to psychosexual therapist Jody SLI, hormones released during orgasm, are a lot of advantages for the entire body: lower blood pressure, reduction of stress, help combat insomnia and pain. In addition, regular orgasms cause the release of oxytocin and endorphins that improve overall mood, which makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Solo orgasm stimulates creativity

In 2011, the magazine New Scientist reported research on the work of the female brain during orgasm. In situations where the girl masturbated, was seen the activity of the prefrontal cortex — the area associated with creative thinking. In the case of partner sex some areas of the brain, including those responsible for self-control, on the contrary, did not show any activity. Can’t think of anything creative, relax and enjoy yourself in solitude.

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