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What super power can a toxic relationship give you

toxic relationship

The main danger of a toxic relationship is that they are noticed by everyone except you. You can live for a long time under emotional pressure, be gastight and not notice that the next is not a loving person, but a parasite that exploits your weaknesses. Especially hard unhealthy relationships affect empath. Their emotions become a weapon in the hands of the manipulator.

We talked about how to recognize a toxic relationship, and because of what mistakes in the behavior of the girl attract the bad guys. But emotions are a very personal thing, and there is no universal formula for successful opposition to poisonous people.

Anyone who has experienced a difficult relationship is familiar with the feeling of exhaustion at the end and the fear that this may happen again. However, this negative experience will give you new strengths and opportunities. Here are some useful lessons you can learn from a toxic relationship.

Stop worrying that not all people meet our expectations.

Stop worrying that not all people meet our expectations

I have always admired people who claimed that they do not expect anything from a partner and just go with the flow.

Many of us are frightened by inert relationships. We put a lot of strength, hope and emotions in them and hope that the person will reciprocate. This is true, but toxic relationships teach one thing: not everyone is able to care for you the way you deserve it.

Do not blame yourself for vain expectations. We always try to look for what we lack in other people. The key to balance is in the understanding that not everyone can meet your expectations, and some people are not interested in other people’s needs and expectations at all. This is neither your fault nor your fault.

You will be kinder to yourself

You will be kinder to yourself

Most of the rhetoric in a toxic relationship comes down to the fact that you are not complete without family, friends or a partner, and that you need them, and not vice versa. The manipulator not only makes you feel inferior without it but also convinces you that the problem is you, not your behavior.

Sometimes the cause of an unhealthy relationship can really be you yourself, but if you are used, deceived or deprived of confidence, it is not your fault.

After leaving a toxic relationship you will become kinder to yourself. You will cease to charge other people’s mistakes and begin to do what you want, and not what others are asking of you. This is a big mistake that you should think only about others, at the heart of happy relationships, first of all, love of yourself.

You will become more indulgent

You will become more indulgent

Forgiveness does not mean accepting toxic behavior as the norm of life. Just do not spend energy, emotions and strength, complaining about people, communication with whom was unhealthy. Manipulators and parasites poison not only relationships with them. They penetrate into other areas of your life, infect thoughts, conversations.

Toxic relationships will teach people to let go. Not because you put up with poisonous behavior, but because you will not be sad for too long and worry about them.

To complete an unhealthy relationship is not enough, it is important to do everything so that they do not recur. After you physically exclude a toxic person from your life, the time will come to fight the complexes, the false beliefs and the guilt that he put in you. Remember that this experience should not ruin your life, and correctly use the abilities that you have learned from it.

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