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What to do if your boyfriend’s friends annoy?


Friends: The second least favourite stage in a relationship – familiarity with the environment guy. You seem to be only accustomed to it, as suddenly, there are people who should not have anything in common with your man. If all his friends cause a negative emotion, it is worth considering, how well do you know this guy? Girls often blamed the shortcomings of their men for someone’s bad influence. But once he picked these guys, so they have something in common.

The most difficult in relations with his friends – you should not interfere in their communication and can not completely ignore these people, because they are part of his life. Here are some tips on what to do if friends your man is the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Try to find points of contact

If at the first acquaintance friends your boyfriend just exchanged obscene jokes, talking about cars and was thinking what all women are stupid, to see them again is the last thought that comes to mind. Before you give up, try to learn these people and find something in common. Even if it seems that you don’t have to talk to them, try to listen more and ask questions about their interests. Perhaps, over time, be able to see these guys that see your guy, and make friends with them.

Honestly tell the guy how you feel

Honestly tell the guy how you feel

Surely, sooner or later the partner will notice an expression of mild disgust that occurs on your face at the mention of meeting his friends. When he asks what happened, it is better, to be honest, but tactful. Don’t forget that these people are somehow dear to him. Tell me what exactly confuses you in its environment. It will help a man better understand your reaction. Try not to complain and not to blame them, say what you feel.

Spend time with them only when necessary

Sometimes the best strategy is to avoid contact with unpleasant people. Not find out why they are, how to fix it and who is to blame, but just try to minimize your communication. Of course, in the life of guy will be moments that will require the presence of all loved one’s birthday or even your wedding. Take it as a given, because guy friends almost like relatives, so compromises are inevitable. But you don’t have to hang out with them every Friday – this will also benefit your nervous system and your relationship.

Remember that you must rest separately

Remember that you must rest separately

A good relationship should always be a light taste of freedom and permissiveness. Unpleasant friends – another incentive to give the guy the opportunity to spend time without you and not feel regret. His entourage does not necessarily have to be your, this is just a part of life, albeit an important one. All you have to do – politely pull the handle at the threshold and to mentally send them to hell.

Avoid ultimatums

Dislike of a person can be so strong that you have a desire to give the guy a choice: either me or a friend. Don’t go for it. In any case. Summon all your wisdom, because in this game the stakes are too high. Even if it will not destroy your relationship, he will always blame you that I lost friends.

Try not to force him to make a choice even in specific situations: to go to the movie with you or with them on a drift contest. Look for compromises, otherwise, he will feel constant pressure on both sides.

You have the right to demand respect

You have the right to demand respect

If we are talking about the toxic people that make you feel unsafe or are abusive, you don’t have to tolerate it even from friends of your boyfriend. Let the partner understand that you don’t want to approach this person. To continue a friendship with someone who doesn’t respect your girlfriend — for him to decide, don’t push and demand proceedings. Trying to establish relations with the environment of your guy, think not only about happiness but about his health. With some of his friends, you will never find a common language, this is normal and does not hurt your relationship.

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