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What you need to know about condoms-napkins


By the word “condoms” hear, we can easily introduce a latex sheath that fits over the penis. To be more exact in the formulations – it’s a “male” condom, but the fact that this is the most common method of contraception – does not mean that the only one.

“Female” condoms – femidoms – are not so common primarily because the way they are used is a little complicated – the femidom is a large tube inserted into the vagina. Much more popular now have special latex napkins – O-dam. This remedy is a thin square of latex that prevents the spread of STDs and other microbes during oral sex.

What are the napkins used for?

They prevent the exchange of physical fluids between people in order to reduce the risk of transmission of infections. Each napkin can only be used once and in the process, it can not be turned over.

When properly applied, the napkin protects against the same viruses and bacteria from which “male” condoms are protected – gonorrhoea, chlamydia, herpes, HPV, hepatitis A and B, syphilis and HIV. Any of these viruses can spread through cunnilingus, oral or anal contact. However, use the napkins carefully so that they do not accidentally slip off and prevent contact with the skin or any partner fluid.

Latex napkins can be wrapped in sex toys of any type: both vibrators and satiferae, and anal plugs.

It is worth noting that napkins do not reduce sensitivity and completely transmit all the touches between partners.

How to use?


Napkins are easy to use: one should be placed on top of the partner’s vulva or anus to create a barrier between the mouth and the genitals. Do not have to worry about stretching or pressing it tightly to the skin, just hold it in place. Sometimes the napkin even remains in place by itself due to lubrication and reduced friction.

Before using, make sure that you do not have allergies to latex. To prevent tearing of the napkin, use a lubricant on an aqueous or silicone base. Do not take oil-based products, such as baby oil, lotions, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil – they will cause the material to break.

Use each napkin only once, then throw it out and wash your hands thoroughly. Be sure to use a new napkin in the transition between oral-anal and oral-vaginal sex.

Keep napkins in a cool dry place.

Are they binding?

Despite excellent protection rates, less than 10% of women use them, and this may be due to a lack of awareness of this method.

Anyone who has sex with a person whose status does not know should worry about safety. In addition, napkins are excellent for cases in which one partner is being treated, which means that he can not have direct sexual contact to avoid infection.

Where to get?

You can order special napkins in medical centres or specialized sex shops. Their cost is usually equal to the cost of classical condoms. A choice is also available for thickness and flavours.

You can buy latex napkins in dental pharmacies, where they are sold on request “sheets for the rubberdam” or “sheets for the cofferdam.” A wide range also takes into account the possible allergy to latex and offers special non-latex wipes.

If they are not in the nearest access – you can cut a classic condom. To do this, it is necessary to fully unfold it, cut off the tip, and then make one incision along the entire length. Just make sure that you do not use a condom containing spermicide – few people may like its taste.


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