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What you need to know before registering with the dating application


It’s hard to find a guy that is suitable not only for sex but for relationships. Men often send mixed signals, so it’s not at all clear – courtship is this, friendly sympathy or boredom. If real dating is given to you all more difficult, try to find a partner for life in an Internet application. Pros: no one here is hiding their intentions and there is a chance to meet someone who really suits you. Cons: you must be prepared for the most unexpected situations. Here are 6 facts you should know before you download the dating application.

1. It can affect your ego

It can affect your ego

Your profile will be seen by hundreds of people, and, most likely, you will get a lot of feedback. Dozens of guys think you’re cute and want to talk to – I don’t think you get this every day on the street.

It’s okay if you suddenly feel the wildly attractive thing. It is important to understand that all these guys are judged very superficially and focused only on a pretty face in your profile. Don’t let the number of responses — no matter their lot or a little – to define your self-worth.

2. You’re not going to please everyone

With the number of your fans increase, but those who you don’t like it, too, will be more. The cracks need to be completely relaxed. In the application for Dating is the same usual thing as a greeting. In any case, here, unlike life, you don’t have to listen to tedious explanations why you can’t be together.

3. Not all the guys in the applications want a relationship

Not all guys in apps want relationships

No matter what it says in his profile, not all guys are registered in the application for Dating to find a serious relationship. Moreover, not all of them speak directly about your goals. If you don’t want to waste time on senseless fun, do not be shy to indicate the position at the beginning of Dating.

When the guy openly says she just wants to have fun – believe him. Don’t count on that with time he will realize how amazing you are, and change your mind. Look for somebody who will match expectations.

4. You can meet friends on Dating App

Former classmates, the son of my mother’s friends, neighbour and, horror of horrors, your ex-boyfriend, too, can find love in this app. I recommend to play it cool and be natural.

What you are looking for a pair on the Internet and not in a nightclub, there’s nothing embarrassing. Who you will meet, also failed to build relationships in real life, so you are in the same positions.

5. Be ready for weird comments

Be ready for strange comments

After a little experience in the app, you’ll be able to make their own rating of the most eccentric of a pickup truck in the history of courting girls.

Familiarity with the guy is one of the most unpredictable things in the world. All very concentrated, so you may be feeling that the world consists solely of idiots.

Calmly endure all inadequate, fearful and just pathetic attempts of flirting. For me, there is even some anthropological interest, so that you learn homo in all its diversity.

6. To Block people is not rude

Never continue to communicate with the douche out of courtesy, neither in the application nor in life. Block the guy, communication with which does not cause pleasant emotions, is not rudeness, but taking care of yourself.

Many applications include protection from harassment and give the user the ability to choose, to communicate with the person or not.

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