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Why a long weekend’s sleep is good for health?

weekend's sleep

The joint work of Swedish, Italian and Chinese researchers challenged the harm of long weekend’s sleep. Spending an extra hour in bed is useful, according to an article published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

Many experiences a kind of guilt after a long stay in bed on weekends. “All your life you’ll sleep,” the inner voice whispers reproachfully. Scientists from the University of Stockholm and the Karolinska Institute are ready to help us overcome this oppressive feeling: a study conducted among 43,000 participants for 13 years confirms that a long dream at the weekend reduces the risk of early death.

The habit of sleeping no more than six to seven hours a day every day can have a negative impact on health in old age. Scientists state: the duration of sleep is very important for longevity.

Adepts of a six-hour sleep during the whole week are at risk of early death, while lovers of an extra hour on Saturday or Sunday can not worry about long life.

However, a study conducted among participants over the age of 65 did not show a relationship between the duration of sleep and the increased risk of death. According to scientists, the whole point is that pensioners do not lack sleep and rest, as they need, on weekdays and weekends. In addition, the need for long sleep with age decreases naturally.

Experts interviewed by Business Insider add that balance is necessary. So, Alice Facer-Childs from the University of Birmingham noticed that the lack of sleep during the week is acceptable to compensate for a long sleep on weekends, but observing a special regime.

“The early rise to work on weekdays and the extra three hours of sleep on the weekend will make you feel as if you did not rest, but flew to the other end of the world and returned Sunday evenings before the new Monday,” the expert explains. In her opinion, “it’s better to try to lay down earlier than wake up later.”

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